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  • Portable facial care
    Portable facial care


    1) Galvanic Eye Probe: Remove fine lines, wrinkles for eyes, fancy wrinkle removal and eye bags removal;
    2) Electroporation Probe: Open cells channel woundless, absorb nutrition, participate in cells metabolism, promote cells rebirth;
    3) Facial RF Probe : Face lifting , skin lifting around eyes, Wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation;

    4) Cooling Freeze Freezing Probe: Face Tightening, make the sensitive skin a ice cool feeling, remove the red spots;
    5) O2 Jet: keep the facial moisture, Oxygen Jet to make Skin Refresh and Skin Rejuvenation;

    6) Acne removal : suck out blackhead, Acne Removal, and Blackhead removal

    7) Microdermabrasion : removing dead skin,Dead Skin Exfoliator removal, Skin Impurities Removal, and skin Cleaning;

    8) Skin scrubber Ultrasound : Dead Skin Exfoliator removal, Skin Impurities Removal, and skin Cleaning.

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